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We want to give you our warmest welcome to our new website and our new blog: the blog of Carlos Plaza friends. We sincerely hope you find it interesting.

This will be a wine blog, but we won’t write only about our wines but also about wine news in general and anything related that we find that it might be of your interest.

We will also talk about gastronomy, food pairing, receipts, recommendations… Wine and food together is our passion.

Extremadura, our beautiful region, will be one of the topics we will cover too. There is much to say about it: culture, history, art, traditions, gastronomy, foods from Extremadura and wines from Extremadura. Did you know that we are considered “the pantry of Spain”? Wait and see what this region has to offer.

We will write articles about viticulture, oenology and vocabulary terms. We currently have a section in Spanish dedicated to “make the wine easier” in our Instagram and Facebook. You may quite understand in case you know some Spanish. Check on it.

But we will have a new section for English speakers: Pardon my Spanish! We will explain the meaning of all those words we use when we talk about Spanish wines that we do not translate, such as crianza, joven, tinto, viña, barrica, vendimia… we will go through most of them too in a simple way and you will finally be sure of their meaning.

We thank you so much for coming and hope you stay with us. Subscribe to our Newsletter and we will inform you when we write a new post or if there is something of interest happening at the winery.

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