Terroir, Harvest and Winemaking

All our wines are made from our own vineyards which are from 15 to 50 years old. Vines are pruned in the Winter while they are dormant. Pruning ensures that individual vines retain their required shape.

Cuidado en la elaboración de sus vinos
Racimo Bodegas Carlos Plaza

They are grown in calcareous-clay soils with goblet pruning system. Vines are pruned in the winter while they are dormant. Pruning ensures that individual vines retain their required shape.

Our region enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with cold winter temperatures and long growing seasons of moderate to warm temperatures. During the grapevine growing season, there is very little rainfall (with most precipitation occurring in the winter months).

Our soils are highly draining which allows the little water that they get during winter to irrigate the vine. As the summers are dry, we rarely suffer from fungal diseases which allow us to avoid the use of fungicides and pesticides.

The harvest in Bodegas Carlos Plaza is carried out manually, as all our vines are goblet trained. Cases of 12/15 kg are being used.

Due to the scorching sun during the summers in Extremadura, it is not strange to see that the harvest starts in the cool of the night, around 4:00 a.m. We try that the trip from the vineyards to the winery lasts no more than one hour. All this prevents the grapes from being damaged.

Once there, and after a careful selection, the grapes are unloaded in the reception hopper that communicates under a close stainless steel circuit with the stripping and smashing stages. They are crushed and pressed in order to extract as much liquid as possible. The next step will be the elaboration in stainless steel deposits under controlled temperature.

The different varieties are elaborated separately so as to extract the best of each one. The assemblage will take place prior to bottling.

During the elaboration process, traditional methods are combined with the advantages that the modern technology has to offer.

Viñedo invierno
Depósitos Carlos Plaza

The “salita de barricas” is a room with French and American oak barrels, used for the crianza wines. They will be blended before being bottled on our top-notch bottling machine.

The wines will have due rest before they are released from the winery.

Everything has been made to offer you a wine you can trust, a wine dressed up in its own name, a wine spoilt like a child. When you open a bottle of Carlos Plaza wine… think of the moment that the grape was picked up from the vine until this so carefully treated grape becomes a bottle of wine and arrives to your table. Then, you and only you can decide whether it is worth opening another bottle.