Grapes and vintage


Tempranillo is the Spanish grape par excellence, altought nowadays it is being extensively cultivated all over the world. Wines elaborated with Tempranillo result in full-bodied quality wines, full of character and well-balanced. Altough it behaves really well as a monovarietal, in an attempt to make a more original and personal wine, we have choosen to blend it with a foreign variety we love whose characteristics and needs make the soil and climate of Extremadura an ideal place to be grown.


Syrah varietal adapts itself exceptionally well to dry areas of the Spanish peninsula, moreover, it loves sun and heat. Therefore, Extremadura region in general and Tierra de Barros in particular is undoubtely more than a perfect area to cultivate this varietal. Syrah grape adds color intensity and complexity of aromas and flavours to our Tempranillo.


The Merlot gives the wine extra dose of softness, freshness and fruity not

Harvest and vinification

Due to the fact that we can reach very high temperatures in our area we start the harvest of some of the grapes, such as Tempranillo, quite early, mid-end August, being surely the first red grapes to be harvested in Europe. At this moment the fruit has the ideal level of maduration and it is ready to be elaborated. We pick up the grapes manually, put them in 12/15 kilos baskets and try to take it to the winery in no longer than an hour. As it is quite common in Extremadura, we harvest at night time, starting around 4 a.m. until more or less 11 a.m., depending on the heat of the day. These two varietals are fermentated separately.

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