The winery Carlos Plaza is located in the south-west of Spain, in Extremadura, a region much closer to the Alentejo in Portugal than to any other Spanish wine region. Within Extremadura, it is situated in a tiny and remote rural area, at the outskirts of a small village called Cortegana with less than 300 inhabitants.

The winery is surrounded by immense vine and olive tree fields and accompanied by harmony and peace. Just every now and then, the sound of the men who drive their tractors to the vineyards as well as the burking of their dogs running after them, breaks the silence.

In this unusually peaceful environment, where one can say that inspiration is born, a winery of traditional architecture is situated. It is equipped with the latest and highest technology methods for the winemaking. This is a winery whose main desire is to surprise you in the glass.

The surroundings whisper Extremadura, the countryside, the vineyards, the weather, the sun, the heat. From the winery, we can observe and feel the passion and care for the oldest job a man may know in the area.

Nowadays, we are witnesses and excited actors of the activity of a region that elaborates with the latest technology the grapes of the ancient vines of our ancestors.

Just some privileged people have already appreciated the potential of this humble, yet rich region. Joan Milá, the prestigious winemaker, who sadly died recently, foresaw this potential: “Extremadura is the European California, and when they realize this, they will be able to impose the privileged wines all over the world, as Californian wines have made”

The Harvest is carried out manually, using cases of 12/15 kg. Due to the scorching sun during the summer in Extremadura, it is not strange to see that the harvest starts in the cool of the night, around 4:00 a.m. This prevents the grapes from being damaged. We try that the trip from the vineyards to the winery lasts no more than one hour. Once there, and after a careful selection, the grapes are unloaded in the reception hopper that communicates under a close stainless steel circuit with the stripping and smashing stages. The next step will be the elaboration in stainless steel deposits under controlled temperature. The different varietals are elaborated in different deposits.

During this process traditional methods are combined with the advantages that the modern technology has to offer.

The winery has a production capacity of 3.000.000 liters. Currently, a small part of this is used for the elaboration, ageing and bottling of the red wines Carlos Plaza Joven y Carlos Plaza Roble.

A room with French and American oak barrels is the one used for the ageing of Carlos Plaza Roble.

An important investment has been made into a modern bottling line in an attempt to control the wine from the beginning until the end.

Everything has been made to offer you a wine you can trust, a wine dressed up in its own name, a wine spoilt like a child. When you open a bottle of Carlos Plaza…. think of the moment the grape is been picked up from the vine until this so carefully treated grape becomes a bottle of wine and arrives to your table. Then, you and only you can decide whether it worths opening another bottle.

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